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Gain partnership or financial support from the leader on the market.

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ChemTechNext is a transformative acceleration and investment initiative aiming to help and start cooperation with startups or innovators focused on the future of the chemical industry – especially in field of advanced biofuels, chemical recycling, hydrogen economy and industry 4.0.

It is said, that good advice is worth more than money, but what if you can gain both. Than continue reading.

The global climate and environmental challenges require shift towards sustainable and responsible solutions together with fast technological development. We choose to see it as an opportunity and want to incite the change. As the biggest player on the market we have a lot of possibilities, how we can help others. Therefore the initiative does not have just one price on the finish line, but plenty of different cooperations, joint ventures, financial support, expertise and lot more.

Who are we?

ORLEN Unipetrol, the only refinery and petro-chemistry company in Czechia joined ORLEN UniCRE research and development centre, to support not only Czech, but any European startup, innovator or small size company and together start the transformation of refinery industry.

Is ChemTechNext for you?

Yes! If you: have an idea with potential to disrupt the entire chemical industry. Are seeking financial support or strong expertise for your concept or early-stage start-up. Want to join forces with a leading company.

ChemTechNext focuses on four areas:

advanced biofuels production

feed provision and pre-treatment, demo production projects, CCU

chemical recycling

feed pre-treatment, depolymerisation and/or pyrolysis projects, product logistics and storage

hydrogen economy

large scale electrolysis, hydrogen storage, renewable electricity production

industry 4.0

augmented and extended reality in the chemical industry, drones

Who can participate?

Innovators, teams and start-ups from Central Europe and other parts of Europe

Innovators and teams with solutions and concepts to be validated and developed

Early-stage start-ups open to investment

Early-stage start-ups open to other forms of cooperation within the supply chain.

Why to apply?


Get an investment or contract valued up to millions of EUR


Share your vision and lead the industry transformation


Meet the current and future industry leaders


6-8 presentations per area = more time for your solution


ORLEN UniCRE and ORLEN Unipetrol got together and prepared acceleration initiative for all startups and middle size companies to present themselves, gain partnership or other form of cooperation. We believe, that only together we can speed up the change towards sustainable industry and carbon neutrality. Sign your project, idea or startup in ChemTechNext because who knows, it might be your idea that will move us one step closer to zero emission transport, industry 4.0 or chemical recycling.

Václav Bystrianský, Martin Gajdoš, Jiří Hájek, Robert Suchopa and Martin Růžička. All of those gentlemen are leading experts in their fields and they will be riviewing and consulting your projects. Listen to their invitation and find out, why they took part in ChemTechNext. 

Incite the change

As part of PKN Orlen, ORLEN UNIPETROL is a leading refinery and petrochemical group in the Czech Republic and a key producer of polymers in Central and Eastern Europe. ORLEN UniCRE is a top research and education centre located in the Ústí region carrying out applied and basic research in the field of industrial chemistry.